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Ali film industry for the future holdings of Amoy votes

Perhaps in response to the dark environment of the theater, Ali Film Group has once again chosen to announce in the evening.


Ali Liye, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Ali Film, entered into an equity transfer agreement with six minority shareholders. Ali Film will acquire the Amoy Tickets held by these shareholders, totaling approximately 9.12% and the total price of approximately RMB1.333 billion.


After the acquisition, Ali Film will hold about 96.71% stake in Amoy Tickets, while the latter will be valued at $ 14.6 billion.


For the holdings, Ali Film Board of Directors that "full holdings of Hangzhou Chenxi shares, is committed to Amoy Tickets to build the Group's film industry's new infrastructure, the core platform to meet the Group's long-term strategic deployment and business planning Needs, is conducive to promoting the rapid development of the Group's business for the shareholders of the Company to create higher value.


Into the human version is: "Amoy ticket is the core of Ali film industry, holdings in the future to increase revenue", but I always feel that this can also be understood to reduce future losses, trouble.


Of course, although it has always been value, interests, but for now, Amoy votes to Ali film industry has nothing to bring benefits.


Burn money


There is no accident, these two words are still Amoy votes for Ali one of the main contributions.


According to Ali's performance report in February this year, 2016 annual loss between RMB 950 million to 1 billion, while the loss is Amoy votes, in order to "get more market share and put into marketing spending."


Of course, there is always a return on investment, such as won the first market.


Data company Quest Mobile recently a report shows that the film onlineticketing industry App Amoy votes in the number of active users ranked first - but unfortunately the cat's eye or won the monthly active users first.


But that's a vicious circle. The user is very simple to vote, who has subsidies, posted on the high, with who, while the continued subsidy is to continue to lose money. For this situation, Ali film industry certainly understand, and will not have been burned down, so Ali launched a series of Studios and other attempts.


This is a good start, at least for the user is very good, if not recently changed. According to some users to reflect, and now some times will encounter Studios card as ordinary users cheap, and even special prices Studios users can not enjoy the problem, and even some people know that specifically opened a question "Amoy votes why the same The time of the video card users than ordinary users to buy movie tickets more expensive? "


I do not know if this is the problem of the algorithm or routines, the author personally hope that this is the algorithm, after all, Ali's ambition is not this little money, which in the holdings of the announcement was once again mentioned.


In the holdings of the announcement, Ali Film clearly wrote: "In response to the rapid development of the film industry and the rapid evolution of consumer behavior, the Group will continue to focus on entertainment industry ecology layout and business upgrades to build the film industry's new infrastructure. Amoy Tickets as a platform for the most important user reach capabilities of the new infrastructure has established a solid business foundation in the area of film promotion, distribution and ticketing, and has become one of the leading online ticketing platforms in China.


This section is indeed some long-winded, in simple terms is: we think online tickets will be the future normal, and Amoy votes is Ali's future layout of the film industry, has been inthe film publicity, distribution and ticketing field has a certain result The


So Amoy Tickets for Ali film industry is the "core platform."


And this may also be good news, until the cat's eye and Amoy votes before the merger, the user should always find a discount.

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